How to make your website look more modern

How to make your website look more modern
modern website

The development of online technologies is a particularly dynamic process, and we constantly need to improve to keep up with the latest trends. To make our business successful in the virtual environment, it is essential to have a modern and contemporary web design for our website. Here’s how you can achieve it in a few simple steps:

Don’t fear white space:

modern websiteModern web design utilises the entire user screen. In many cases, the content area remains the same. However, try to limit frames and outlines, as it can make your site less readable. Leaving white space allows your site to “breathe” and makes it more user-friendly. Of course, as long as it does not dominate over other content.


Mix different layouts:

Nothing says “old website” like full pages of left-aligned text. Do not be afraid to deviate from the template from time to time. Be bolder with your layouts. Avoid aligning the entire page in the same way. Even if it’s just one section of the page, mixing layouts maintains user eye movement and disrupts monotony. This way, you’ll keep their attention, and you won’t risk them getting distracted from what you’re offering.

Use animations:

Animations and movement can really make your website stand out. They create smooth transitions between two sections, like photo galleries, for example. They provide a more seamless user experience while navigating through your site. Using them will show your potential customers that you pay attention to details. However, be careful not to overuse them, as it can strain the user’s eyes, and the effect may be counterproductive.

modern website

Use custom graphics:

Custom graphics offer many advantages and are truly worth the investment. While there are many excellent free resources, personalised icons and graphics help create unique designs. Through web design, strive to make your site different and original, so it stands out from competitors. Don’t include graphics that your customers have seen multiple times elsewhere. Be different.

Don’t neglect typography:

modern websiteEvery element of your website’s web design needs attention, including typography, even though many people overlook it. Without paying attention to it, you risk making your site look like a Word document.

Take advantage of free and beautiful fonts available on the internet. Google Fonts is an excellent web-based resource that easily integrates into your designs. Pairing fonts is a great way to add style and create hierarchy in your design. Of course, not everything is in the font choice. Adjust letter spacing and line height. People will notice this attention to detail.

As you probably already know, appearance sells, so the web design of your site is crucial for the success of your online business. Of course, the products you offer are equally important if you want your customers to continue shopping from you. Try to find the balance.

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