Why do you need an SEO site audit?

Why do you need an SEO site audit?
SEO audit

What is a website SEO audit?

An SEO audit of a website is a process that involves analysing your website to determine if it is well-connected with top search engines and how it performs in search rankings.

Conducting an SEO audit is the next step in a performance enhancement plan. This plan includes actions you’ve incorporated to improve search engine rankings to attract more visitors, prospective customers, and revenue. It provides a better understanding of your website’s effectiveness, the structure, the content of individual pages, and overall traffic.


What should be included / contained in the site audit?

  • Technical considerations and performance;
  • Current links and referring pages pointing to your site for link building purposes;
  • Page elements such as title tags and meta descriptions;
  • View current content conversion opportunities;
  • Aspects of your site that disrupt the user experience;

We provide all this information in our output and organise it in a way that will help us understand what the problem is, what it means, where you are found and how to solve it to make your site as efficient as possible.


What Is SEO analysis?

SEO analysis begins by carefully examining the content on your page. It looks at the optimised keywords, their content, and how well that content performs. When conducting an analysis, it investigates the source of traffic to your website. In addition to determining which keywords you rank for, we also identify the keywords for which your competitors rank. As we’ve already discussed, your content strategy and keyword strategy go hand in hand, so it’s essential to closely monitor what your competitors are writing about. When we analyse everything related to your website, we test the user experience, and to be truly helpful, we fix any existing errors. These analyses aid in the development and attraction of traffic to the site.

Conducting an SEO analysis is essential when working to improve your SEO strategy. Without it, you won’t be able to establish a clear direction for your SEO efforts. Moreover, you might prioritise the wrong elements by focusing on areas within your strategy that won’t lead to significant improvements.

  • Checking for SEO issues on-site and off-page;
  • Fixing errors and bugs on your website;
  • Ensuring your website hasn’t been exposed to risks;
  • Analysing your competitors by identifying their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Creating an SEO strategy and action plan, and optimising your website;

Another crucial aspect of website optimisation is its security. If your site isn’t secure, information from it can be easily stolen. An SEO site audit helps improve security as well as your site’s ranking in search engines.

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