On-site SEO of Dias Sport

On-site SEO of Dias Sport
SEO optimisation of Dias sport. Analysis of achieved results with Ahrefs


On-site SEO of Dias Sport is one of my favourite projects

“Why don’t we see the tracking of achievements in Google Analytics and the loss of positions in organic search?” – that was the client’s first question.

Dias Sport is an online store delivering fitness equipment and accessories, and when taking on the project and having initial discussions, we identified the main issues and directions for work. The client was not seeing the tracking of achievements in Google Analytics and had lost positions in organic search. We started with a comprehensive SEO audit of both the internal structure of the website and a review of existing advertising campaigns and external links to the site. The internal SEO audit revealed missing meta descriptions and texts in the categories, excessively long or short meta descriptions for products, numerous forgotten products in “Drafts,” and missing alt descriptions for images.

Keep in mind that these errors accumulate over time, resulting in position loss due to poorly written descriptions, meta data, missing structure, and the common mistake of deleting products that are out of stock or have input errors.

Tips – what you should start and finish with – include the keyword in the beginning of the title or product name, and the meta title should be in line with the meta description of the product. 

SEO optimisation of Dias Sport. First audit with Ahrefs.

Action plan and results improvement

We decided to divide the tasks into several stages, with the initial priority being the tracking of sales and fixing the errors on the client’s website. Our team restructured the mobile version menu and started writing texts for the categories, cleaning up existing descriptions from errors, and properly structuring them with H1, H2…H6 headings. We traced all internal links and redirected any missing ones. The issue with tracking sales in Google Analytics was resolved. We categorised the Google Ads campaigns and set up new tracking goals. We began writing articles according to the approved link building strategy to improve keyword rankings.

Additionally, we added a module to track SEO structure when adding products, and we provided training for the staff responsible for uploading products to the website. We never skip this step. Even if we clean up the online store, organise it, and upload products intensively for up to 2 months without adhering to the basic requirements, errors can accumulate again.

In the first few months, we saw a steady increase in organic traffic, corresponding sales growth, and the accumulation of key keywords. The niche is highly competitive, but the periodic optimisation of campaigns and on-site SEO of the website resulted in a steady increase in sales through the online store.

SEO optimisation of Dias Sport. Data for sales increment in Google Analytics

The drastic reduction of critical errors led to better crawling of the website, improved website health, and an overall increase in all parameters.

SEO optimisation of Dias sport. Analysis of achieved results with Ahrefs

SEO optimisation of Dias Sport. Keywords analysis with Ahrefs

Speed optimisation

Speed optimisation was crucial as the initial results were far from providing a pleasant user experience and quick loading times for the online store and its products. The loading speed was over 14 seconds, causing delays in image loading, shifting resources, and unnecessary or unused CSS and JS scripts.

To address this issue, we implemented a well-tested optimisation strategy using a set of plugins and integrated the CDN Cloudflare. After conducting a mass optimisation of images and removing unnecessary plugins and applications that were not functional or causing excessive load, the website’s loading time significantly improved. Within just a month, the website achieved excellent speed results, and as the client put it… it loaded in a snap!

Conclusion and final results

Similar projects for SEO  are long-term endeavours, and the minimum period to expect results is 3-6 months. We take note of improved rankings even after the 6th month, especially with link building strategies and individual page optimisations to achieve top positions in SERP results (Search Engine Results Pages).

A comprehensive redesign of the online store, Dias Sport, is in progress, which includes transitioning to the Magento CMS and automating product updates, quantities, and prices from suppliers.


SEO optimisation of Dias Sport. End results from Google Search Console

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