Zdravisimo online store development

In short, “Zdravisimo” is an online shopping platform that offers organic food and bio cosmetics, health books, herbs and supplements, therapy with floral essences, and useful advice.

Zdravisimo online store development
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Zdravisimo online store development

Project overview

In summary, “Zdravisimo” is an online shopping platform that offers organic food and bio cosmetics, health books, herbs and supplements, therapy with floral essences, and useful advice, which can be found in the “Blog” section. The owners aimed not only to conduct commercial activities but also to enhance consumer awareness. Visitors to “Zdravisimo” can find:

  • Pure and high-quality food and beverages for a delightful sensory experience.
  • Floral essences for positive thinking and optimism.
  • Beautiful items and gentle music for daily enjoyment.


This project was focused on very specific users who need to purchase non-standard products. We had to create a user-friendly website and add a touch of gentleness to the brand image.

  • The information about the product composition and prices had to be presented in an elegant manner.
  • A responsive design that looks equally good on all types of devices.
  • Various payment methods (cash on delivery, payment with Stripe).
  • Creating a glossary for specific product names and terms.
  • Developing an elegant and easy-to-use admin panel for dynamic corrections throughout the website.
  • Creating a special post type for customer reviews on the website, with dynamic display of reviews.
  • Managing a large number of products, over 800 types divided into around 50 categories.
  • Creating variations for specific products.
  • Implementing a quick order option for the products.
  • Segmenting specific product categories using Taxonomies – divided by zodiac signs, foods, health directions, and chakras.
  • Integration of delivery services through Econt Delivery
  • Integration of delivery services through Speedy.
  • Comprehensive SEO strategy.


We created the website design using a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool called Figma, which allowed us to prototype and view in real-time.

We decided to develop and customise the website’s administration according to the client’s needs. The administrative panel enables fast and seamless correction of products and information on the website.

For the development of Zdravisimo, we chose the most popular CMS platform, WordPress. We worked on a clean theme to create a unique and distinct design as per the client’s preferences. Additionally, we added several elements that contribute to the overall functionality and appearance:

Post Type

We added a Post Type (additional field) for entering customer reviews. The fields include the customer’s name, review, and an image of the satisfied customer.

Meta Box

We added additional fields to the categories, such as category colour, icon, and image.


Since the products needed to be divided into multiple categories, we achieved this by creating three taxonomies (Primary categories, Health categories, and Brands).

Options Page
We have created a special field in the admin panel from which the information on the website can be easily edited. Contains information about:

  • Home page title
  • Homepage text
  • Contact information: Phone, Email, Physical store address and Facebook page.

Custom Product Tabs

We organised product information into separate tabs, ensuring that the page is well-structured and easy for customers to read specifications for individual products.


WP Glossary – Encyclopaedia / Lexicon / Knowledge Base / Wiki / Dictionary

We created a special page for specific product terms. The terms are arranged in alphabetical order, and we also added a search function.


We customised the appearance of the products based on the client’s requirements. The product templates were created using Woo Page Builder (Crocoblock). We dynamically displayed product information from the special Post Type and Meta Boxes. We added a field for quick ordering, allowing impatient and eager customers to place an order by simply entering their phone number. We displayed related products through a special Listing grid. Product relations were established using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

We added the option for customers to save their favourite products by adding them to their favourites list.


To achieve good SEO, we provided custom titles and short descriptions for each category, containing essential information and keywords.

We used Smart Filters to filter products by category, health direction, food type, chakras, brands, and price.

We added a plugin created by Econt, which calculates the delivery cost based on the entered address or office location.

Payments can be made by credit card or cash on delivery.

Contact Form

We added a contact form for subscribing to news and promotions. We also added protection against hackers and bots that send fake data.

Blog Page and Articles

The blog page was displayed using a pre-made listing that we created, with filter options by categories presented as tabs.

In the individual articles, we displayed information and a link to Zdravisimo’s social profiles (Facebook page). We added comment fields, allowing customers to leave comments, including comments from Facebook if the customer is logged in.


The results of the “Zdravisimo” project are more than satisfactory, not only in terms of technical optimisation, speed, and On-Page SEO but also from the perspective of UX and UI design. The admin panel is user-friendly, and the website offers a high level of functionality for both customers and staff members responsible for managing the site, including content updates and sections editing. We successfully created a 100% optimised online store that impresses with its design and user experience, while also meeting all modern requirements for functionality and efficiency in operation.



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